Animal Adoption

The City of Plattsburgh Police Department frequently becomes the caretaker for stray, abandoned, or mistreated animals.  There are times when we investigate and prosecute an animal neglect or cruelty case and are left with several animals to find homes for.  It is our wish that each of these animals get permanently placed in a loving environment.  We would appreciate any help that you could give us.
Stray dogs are taken to the Elmore SPCA for adoption, however they do not take stray felines.  We will endeavor to put a notice on this website whenever we have animals to adopt.  In the case of animal abuse or neglect we will immediately see to the animals health, and may be in the need of someone to provide foster care until the case is settled and the animal can be placed up for adoption.

If you should be interested in being a foster caregiver for animals please contact Lt. Scott Beebie at the Police Dept. at 518-563-3411.  We would be happy to provide the food if you can provide a loving environment for them to stay in.

We are most happy to accept donations of food and/or money to offset the cost of veterinary care and housing of these animals, if you wish to make a donation please contact Heather Guimond at 518-563-3411.