Records Office

The Records Office is the central repository of all police reports and related records. It has primary responsibility for the processing, maintenance, security, and distribution of records, to include incident reports (Blotter and Case), traffic accident and citation records, criminal process, and criminal history information. In addition, office personnel provide over-the-counter services to citizens, compile statistical data, and provide law enforcement officers with access to this information.
Open office hours are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
How to Obtain a Copy of PPD Reports
You may obtain police reports on you and your property. You might need a copy of a police report for an insurance company, or for court proceedings. To get a copy, you must submit a written request that includes your name, address, phone number and details about the record you are requesting (such as the date of occurrence and the names of those involved).There are several ways to submit a request:

We will evaluate your legal right to obtain a copy of the record and contact you by phone with a decision within 5 business days. If your request is approved, the clerk will advise you of the cost, if any, and when you may pick up the records. If your request is not approved, you will be given a reason.
Some of the reasons a request may be denied:

  • Record is a part of confidential investigatory files
  • Unwarranted invasion of personal privacy
  • Requested record cannot be found
  • Record is not maintained
  • Exempted by statute other than the Freedom of Information Act

How to Obtain a Copy of Your Complete Criminal History
The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) allows an individual or his/her attorney to obtain either a copy of all criminal history information maintained on file at DCJS pertaining to him or her, or a response indicating that there is no criminal history information on file. . A criminal history record report, which will include any employment and licensing fingerprint events, or a "no record" response, may be used for any personal reason by that individual. However, a record review response cannot replace or supplant a fingerprint supported criminal history background check for employment or licensing where such a check is required by State, federal or local law.
Note: a personal record review cannot be requested for another person in order to determine if that person has a criminal history.
To Request a Public Record Review While Living in New York State:
Contact MorphoTrust USA - a vendor under a state contract - by calling 1-877-472-6915 (toll free number) or by visiting their website at to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting.
To Request a Record Review While Living Outside New York State:
Contact the DCJS Record Review Unit to request an out of state Record Review application packet by:
  • Phone: (518) 485-7675; (518) 457-9847 or 1-800-262-3257 (DCJS Customer Contact Center)
  • E-Mail:; Please provide current complete mailing address in your email (including addresses outside the United States) to obtain the application packet as the packet cannot be emailed; OR
  • Mail:
    • DCJS Record Review Unit
    • New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services
    • Alfred E. Smith Building
    • 80 South Swan St.
    • Albany, New York 12210
  • Note: If you live in Canada, you may request an application packet by calling 1-800-749-7554 or by calling or visiting anMorphoTrust USA site (see for site information).