The Plattsburgh Police Department employs some of the most distinguished and highly trained officers in the region. We look for honest, hardworking individuals who are self-starting and have a desire to serve the public. There are two paths to becoming a Plattsburgh Police Department officer: entering as a new recruit or via lateral transfer from another agency. 
New recruits must first meet residency requirements and take Clinton County Civil Service Exam #67-000. Please see the Clinton County Department of Personnel for details on the exam and how to apply. This exam is offered approximately every 2-3 years. The last exam was given in November 2011, and a new exam is not currently scheduled. After passing the exam, candidates falling under the NYS Civil Service “Rule of Three” can be considered for open positions. 
Reachable candidates may be chosen for an interview with Plattsburgh Police Department administration personnel. Recruit candidates who are chosen for an open position in the department are then required to attend the Zone 9 Policy Academy, which is about 4 months long, and is hosted here at the Plattsburgh Police Department. Only after successful completion of the academy will a recruit become a full Plattsburgh Police Department officer. 
Any officer from another agency, who has already successfully completed the Zone 9 Police Academy, is eligible for a lateral transfer. Transfer candidates must submit a letter of interest, résumé, list of references, and a completed Clinton County Civil Service Employment Application, to the Plattsburgh Police Department, attention Heather Silver, Assistant to the Chief of Police. Transfer candidates will then be evaluated for possible interviews with Plattsburgh Police Department administration personnel.